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Can't Stop Her Now

Yesterday was another amazing 14 course round of food for Mom! She has been eating so much these past few days it has been such a beautiful thing to witness! As of last night Mom is 99.979% complete with the 7th seal. This last part is extremely deep and dark which is why the processing has taken so long. Nobody else in all of Creation could endure over 17 days of excruciating pain except Mom.

The foods Mom ate yesterday were:

- Banana split

- Pot stickers

- Garlic bread

- McDonald's chicken nuggets

- Candy

- Burger

- Fries

- Rice Crispies

- Pancakes

- Green beans

- Rice a roni

- S'more

- Chocolate pretzels

- Coleslaw

She also had some chocolate milk and cherry lemonade!

This morning Mom was able to sleep in again, which is another thing we are so grateful for. She ate a big breakfast as well! For breakfast she had:




- Toast

- Bagel

- Hash browns

- Waffles

- Watermelon

The processing of the 7th seal continues, and we know Mom will keep kicking butt! We are so grateful for everything she does for us! We love you Mom with all of our hearts, you are the grandest being in all of Creation! LOVE HAS WON!

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