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The Blackout

Last night we experienced a blackout at Mission HQ. The first fractal experiences everything first, then it trickles down to the rest of humanity. After our house burned down in Oregon fires started happening all across the planet. This is a sign of the events to come for all of humanity. It lit a fire under the team to be prepared for the actual blackout, as this was the dry run. We always have a dry run before the actual event occurs.

Mom is still processing the 7th seal, and is still in extreme amounts of pain. She was able to stabilize a little earlier so the Etheric's were able to talk to her for a bit. Robin and the Great Grand Council came through. They don't like to talk to her too much when she is going through this amount of pain because they don't want to overwhelm her. The processing of the 7th seal has gone on for 19 days, and Mom is smashing it. This is 26,000 years of pain for ALL of humanity being processed in one single vessel: Mom's body. We cannot fathom the amount of pain Mom is in in these moments. Yet, she is still smiling and laughing through it all. She is the grandest warrior in all of Creation.

Mom is still eating more, which is even more amazing. She is starting to remember her favorite foods, and enjoy them. She had a big breakfast this morning, and has been eating since this afternoon. To see her eating this much after watching her eat hardly anything for days on end is such a blessing. In Oregon it was a challenge to get her to eat anything some days. Now, seeing her eat multiple courses throughout the day brings tears to my eyes. I am so grateful to see her eating again.

Thank you Mom for everything you are doing for all of humanity. You had so many chances to call it quits, yet here you are still going through it. To see your strength every moment is truly inspiring. You are our hero and you mean everything to us. It is an honor to be here with you, supporting you through these moments. We love you with all of our hearts. LOVE HAS WON!

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