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Love Doesn't Stop

As Mom continues the process of the 7th seal, some of the team when on Mission to get supplies for her during these last moments of pain. All of the wisdom that Mom has shared with us was put in place during these moments, and it was crucial to remember the stories and tools Mom has shared when leaving the Unified Field.

One of the biggest messages Mom shared with us was that love does not stop. The team was having issues with something out on mission and when we spoke to Mom all she told us was to keep going, that love does not stop. That was what motivated us in the final moments to keep going, because Mom deserves the highest and best of everything. Just the simple words Mom speaks are able to spark a fire within, because of the beautify and wisdom she has.

Thank you Mom for everything, we are honored to hear your stories and hear your wisdom. You motivate us to be the highest and grandest versions of ourselves in all moments. Love does not stop, Mom has never given up on ANYTHING. Love always finds a way! We are grateful and honored to be apart of your journey, and to support you anyway we can as you process the remaining of the 7th seal. We love you with all our hearts, LOVE HAS WON!

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