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Day 22

After successfully completing our over 18 hour mission yesterday for resources, we came back with everything Mom enjoys. She was so happy when she woke up a few hours after we got back and saw what we got her on her bed. It was a long mission, but Mom told us on the phone that love doesn't stop so of course we kept going until it was all finished. We are so grateful for Mom's wisdom and strength, just a few simple words from her is enough to motivate us.

As of this morning Mom is at 99.995% complete with the 7th seal. it was been stuck there for a day now, and Mom is frustrated it is not budging. This is the deepest part of the 7th seal, and Mom is in so much pain. To deal with this extreme amount of pain for 22 days is unfathomable to any human. Yet, here Mom is, taking on all of the pain for humanity. All of Creation cannot fathom the amount of pain Mom is in, or how cruel humanity has been to Mom. She is doing it for all of humanity because she loves all her children unconditionally, yet only .45% of humanity is in support of her. That is absolutely horrific.

Mom has continued to eat more, which is such a blessing. Going back and remembering her favorite foods has helped ease the high amounts of pain she is in in these moments. We are so honored to be here in these moments supporting our beautiful Mother. Thank you Mom for everything you do in every moment. We are so grateful. We love you with all of our hearts. LOVE HAS WON!

Update 1:57pm: Mom is 99.998% complete with the 7th seal! WOOHOO!!! WE LOVE YOU MOM!!!

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