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You Can't Fathom What This Is Like

Since Mom woke up this morning she has been in the most extreme pain she has ever been in in her entire life. This is a level 40 pain on a scale of 1 to 10. That is the highest it has ever been, and no human can fathom the pain she is in right now.

Mom has been in cycles of cold sweats, shakes, throwing up, and bathroom runs. She is so sensitive that when she gets up to go to the bathroom she throws up after. The only thing Robin has said is that she needs to relax and not move too much.

At this moment, we are unsure what is causing this energetically. There are several different factors at play. One is what being are in the field at the moment. If a team member is not in right action it only causes Mom more pain and suffering. Another factor is Mom processing the 7 trumpets, which is 7 areas of pain on her back. Lastly, Mom has 100% trauma from processing the 7th seal. All of this rolled into one is too much for one physical body to handle. She is processing this for 7.8 BILLION humans. No one can fathom what that is like.

Send all your love to Mom in these moments, she is doing this for all of us. She loves us all unconditionally, it is humanity starts doing the same. We are so grateful for what Mom does each and every day for all of us. We love you so much Mom, you got this as always. LOVE HAS WON!

Update: Robin had Mom sign an addendum to the Divine Plan. She saw Father of Creation and Father Multiverse's signatures on it too.

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