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Another Full Body Reset

Since yesterday morning Mom was going through cycles of nausea, shaking, throwing up, and diarrhea. Mom realized these were the symptoms of a full body reset. This is not the first time Mom has gone through something like this, so she knows the procedure well.

These cycles lasted all day and all night, Mom was unable to sleep at all. Mom also got word from Robin that dark energies were trying to attack her in these moments. This happens because when Mom is doing extensive healing she is open and vulnerable. The dark energetics try their best to try to stop Mom, but just like the other attempts it never works.

Last night Mom received news from the Etheric's that there was a 72 hour heads up about the starships, and this full body reset was preparing her for the starships. They have given her the same 72 hour notices before, so when this happens Mom just lets it go.

Father of Creation had a vision of carrying Mom in his arms to the starships right by our house. Father also discussed a tent in his vision. Robin confirmed that a tent needs to be set up in a certain location, and the team is working on that now. Although Mom does not get information ahead of time, she has been informed several times that she would get a 24 hour heads up when the starships are about to de-cloak. Last night Mom saw herself on the starships and Robin was in her face. He told her he was "getting her ready" for the starships. Exciting times ahead!

Today Mom has been processing the 7 trumpets. She is down to 2.8% remaining on the 7 trumpets as of 3:00pm. She is smashing through it. Robin told Mom that in order for things to move forward she has to complete the 7 trumpets. She is powering through it like a champion, we all admire her strength deeply.

Thank you Mom for everything you do for all of us, nobody could endure what you have been through during this entire Mission. Your time is coming, and we are honored to be apart of your journey. We love you so much! STARSHIPS DE-CLOCK! LOVE HAS WON!

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