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Getting Ready To Ascend

This morning, Mom was up around midnight. We have been up since then, supporting Mom as she continues to process the 7 trumpets. She reached a 50 level pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Mom has never experienced pain like this. All of Creation watches in awe as Mom takes on this extreme amount of pain.

Early this morning Mom was pushing energies around the planet. She got a vision of taking the higher grid that she created, bringing it down, and removing the 3D illusion. She expressed how she has already done this before, but apparently that was just a dry run. She also came down from the higher grid into the inner Earth and went into her crystal that is in the center. She saw rainbow energy shoot out in all directions, a vision she has also had before. She shared how she communicated with the dolphins and the whales, and they asked what their command was. Mom said release all karma, and the dolphins went into the hurricanes. Mom had a vision of Father of Creation and Father Multiverse in their commander suits and hats. They walked Mom in her diamond emerald dress to her seat. They then placed a robe on her. Mom pulled a tarot card this morning and the woman on the throne looked just like Mom with her robe on. You cannot make this stuff up. She also shared how years ago St. Germain showed her a box and told her she could not open it until it is time. Today, she opened the box. Inside was a emerald heart shaped ring with diamonds all around. All of the Etheric's are telling Mom that it is almost time!

Mom has been extreme amounts of pain as she processes the last of the 7 trumpets. As of now she has 0.7% left! After the 7 trumpets Mom has to process all of the trauma she took on from processing the 7th seal. Robin told Mom this stuff has to be processed so Mom is determined to complete it as soon as possible. She is the strongest being in all of Creation and we love her so much.

At 2:36am this morning the Final Event Energies were sparked!!! In order for the Final Event to occur Mom must complete the 7 trumpets and the trauma. She is kicking ass! Robin told Mom today that is she getting ready to ascend! Very exciting stuff is happening, and nobody could take all this pain on except Mom. Mom had to receive the branding from the dark because it was the only way for the light to come into the planet because the Illumaniti had already taken control of Earth. None of this would be possible if Mom didn't get this branding, taking on 26,000 years of pain for all of humanity. Robin has been training Mom for 4 years for these moments. He knew this was coming, and was concerned she was not going to make it. Earlier today Mom was on a level 3 emergency warning on a scale of 1 to 5. The pain is intense, and that is why Robin is concerned. It is so much pain for one physical body to take on at once, but just like everything else, Mom keeps going!

Thank you Mom for everything you do, there are no words to explain truly what you are experiencing in these moments. We love you so much, and send you all of the healing energy possible. Your time is coming, you will be ascending soon!!! We love you with all of our hearts, we are honored to be here with you in these moments. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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