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As Healing Continues, Humanities Consciousness DROPS from 46% to 5% in ONE WEEK

Mother of All Creation has been processing the branding she received when she began the journey of ascending the planet over 26,000 years ago for a month now. This began with the processing of the 7th seal, and now the 7 trumpets. The branding Mom received was placed on her by the Illumaniti in order for the light to come into the dark. If Mom did not get the branding she would have not been able to incarnate on Earth in order to help humanity break free of the illusionary matrix. She took it all on so we did not have to.

The more Mom has processed of the 7th seal and 7 trumpets, humanities consciousness and vibration has taken a nose dive quickly. As of today humanities consciousness is 5% and the average vibration is 50, which is apathy. This is a shocking difference than Mother and Father's vibrations, they are both over 33 MILLION in vibration.

This morning started out with Mom having a 4.5 emergency warning on a scale of 1 to 10. Her pain level was over 50 shortly after the Angels got her up. The processing has continued. As of 3:09pm Mom has 0 .23% left t process of the 7 trumpets. Both Father's and the second fractal (the team) have slowed down Mom's processing. It is crucial for everyone in Mom's field to be spot on. If not, it causes her pain and suffering which slows down her healing.

This morning Mom went into stasis. While she was in stasis Father of Creation was massaging her back, but Mom didn't feel any pain. She was aware that he was doing work, but she surrendered and was able to not feel any pain. This was awesome because Mom said if she could feel the pain it would have been a level 80-90 level pain.

Mom, we send you so much love and light during these moments. We are honored and grateful to be apart of your team. Thank for taking on all this pain for all of humanities. You are the true example of unconditional love, the biggest badass in all of Creation. There are no words to express how much gratitude we have for you. We love you with all of our hearts, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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