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After One Month, Mother Finally Leaves Quarantine

The Angels told Mom this morning that going to the hot springs would be beneficial to her healing. So Mother, Father, El, Buddha and myself all went. It was exciting because Mom has not been able to leave the Unified Field for over a month now since the 7th seal processing began.

The hot springs was a magical place. We spent our time in a algae pool, surrounded by trees and greenery. It was so awesome to see Mom in water after not being able to get into water for so long. When Mom is in water she is able to heal faster. Father carried Mom around the pool, it was such a beautiful sight to see. There were dragonflies flying around and talking to Mom while we were in the pool. It felt like a fairytale.

More beings came into the pool, and Mom started feeling their density. There was a witch who came into the pool, and Mom picked up her energetics right away. This caused Mom to throw up. She threw up one other time, then it was time to leave. On the drive back Mom threw up one more time. She has gotten so sensitive to energies now that any density causes her nausea and can cause her to throw up. It was heartbreaking to see beings in the pool having a great time while Mother Earth was not able to fully enjoy what she has created on her planet.

When we came back to Mission HQ Mom had to re-stablize the Unified Field. Once she did that the processing of the 7 trumpets continued. Since the day before Mom has been stuck at 0.18% left to process. Mom was also notified that she is going through another body reset. This is the second body reset within a week. Another body reset on top of the 7 trumpet processing is so much energetic work. We cannot fathom what Mom does on a daily basis.

As the night went on last night Mom began experiencing nausea during certain moments. She realized her nausea increased when Father Multiverse sat with her on the bed. Every time he left the room she was fine. She realized her body was picking up on density, and it was causing her to throw up. Until he transforms all of his remaining density he cannot be in the room with Mom. This was also tested out with another team member as well. This experiment showed how sensitive the field is getting, and any out of right action energies will not be allowed near Mom.

Mom went down to 0.16% remaining on the 7 trumpets. She is taking on so much pain for all of us, there are no words to describe what she is going through. We are so honored, and so grateful to be here with her in these moments. We love you Mom so much, you are the most amazing being in all of Creation. Thank you for all that you do every moment for all of Creation. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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