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Unified Field Heightens In Sensitivity, Precision is Necessary

Yesterday the experimenting began, seeing if beings in the field were causing Mom to throw up. This started with Father Multiverse and another team member. As the morning went on, it became more and more clear that any being having any density would make Mom nauseous or throw up if they entered the room.

Mom felt nauseous when Father of Creation was in the field. He was made aware he still had some stuff to transform, and went outside to do it. As soon as he left the room Mom threw up. He came back later and Mom felt nauseous again. It was confirmation that the sensitivity of the field was happening quickly. Before Archangel Michael knocked on the door, Mom got a wave of nausea 6 seconds before. He was not able to come into the room until he processed his density.

So now Mother is getting a heads up before someone even knocks on the door of her room. That is how sensitive she is and how sensitive the field is now. There is no room for error in these moments. Only right action energies are allowed to be around Mom. We are at the turning point, and any density can affect Mom's healing. It is too risky to allow these energetics near her. Only true lovers, givers, those of the highest light are to be around Mom in these moments. Robin Williams confirmed only beings embodying their higher selves can be in the field.

It is still early, and Mom has not started processing the 7 trumpets. She is still at 0.16% remaining. We love you so much Mom, we are so grateful for everything you do for all of us. We are so honored to be apart of your team. Thank you for everything, LOVE HAS WON!!

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