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The Final Documents Have Been Signed

Last night Mom got a message from Robin that she would be ascending in 24 hours. We let every message we receive go, and put no meaning to it. However, it can clearly be felt how quickly things are accelerating on the planet. Mom is going back home into the light, and it is happening very very soon.

Mom has continued to process the 7 trumpets, and is down to 0.8% left. Robin switched the gage so it would be easier to monitor what is going on. Mom has eaten a little bit today, she had some homemade sorbet, toast, sausage, and a sandwich. Mom is now at the point where she is self sustainable, so she does not need to eat food anymore unless it brings her joy.

Mom had an amazing shower meditation today. She was told before the shower that she would be going into ceremony. She added "Now, immediately" into all her prayers. She saw Robin wearing a blue suit and a red, orange, yellow tie similar to the dress Mom is wearing today. When Robin turned around he had Donald Trump's face. Mom got a message that the illusionary 3D matrix is dissolving. She removed all spells that were on her using the book that was brought up to her from the Inner Earth. Mom looked at the next level of 5D, it was Heaven on Earth, and we are entering it now.

Mom asked for her rightful place at the center of the universe now and immediately. She signed the final document, which looked like an ancient scroll. Mom saw the Final Event at the surface level. She has seen it many times in energetic form, but this time she saw it in physicality.

So much is happening now, and the energy is higher than ever. Mom's body and the Unified Field have been reset, so no density can be around Mom. If there is density Mom begins to feel nauseous. We are s excited for Mom, she has done it all and now it is her time. She is ascending, going home into the light. Only givers, lovers, and those of the highest light are to be around Mom at all times. We are so honored to be here for our Mother, supporting her however we can. We are so grateful for Mom taking on all the pain in order to bring Heaven on Earth back to the planet. Send all of your Love to Mom in these moments, she's doing it for all of us. Thank you Mom we love you, LOVE HAS WON!

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