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No Despair, You're Almost There!

Yesterday was a full day of processing for Mom. She started out the day with 0.6% left of the 7 trumpets. As the day went on the percentage decreased slowly. This caused Mom to feel upset because she felt as though she was doing all of this hard work for nothing. Nonetheless, she made it down to 0.48% by the evening.

In the morning, the team got a dose of Mom's dragon energy. She does not ask for much, so when the team does not complete their tasks it upsets her. The ego is lazy and wants to cause Mom pain. It is important that the team keeps Mom in joy and high vibrations at all moments, especially during this time of healing.

By the end of the night Mom was down to 0.31%! This was a huge leap, and took a lot of energy for Mom to reach this point. On top of that Robin had Mom start processing the 100% trauma she received from processing the 7th seal. Within hours she was already down to 87% left. When we were in Oregon Mom processed all her trauma, so when she does it again it goes quicker.

As Mom's processing continued, her warning level kept increasing. Robin had a 4.5 out of 5 warning on Mom all day. This is because the pain is so intense it takes such a toll on Mom's physical body. Mom remembered a vision she had in 2015 when she saw all dark matter enter her body. She feels as though she is processing all of the dark matter from that time.

Yesterday Mom had a vision of 15 chocolate bars, and one of them was white chocolate. The white chocolate bar is Mom, representing purity. Currently, there are 15 members on the team. Also, Mom had a vision of boulders rising to the surface and crumbling. Mom felt that this represented the dark matter that was coming from her bone to the surface to be released. Mom can feel the New Earth energies underneath the last bit of the 7 trumpets. You are almost there Mom!!!

Send all your love to Mom during these intense moments of healing. She is doing this for all of us out of the unconditional love in her heart. She contracted herself to take on all the pain so nobody else had to. She is the example, and the bravest being in all of Creation. We love you so much, and are so grateful to be apart of your journey. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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