New Upgrades and The Event Energies

Last night Mom was in so much pain she could barely sleep. The pain was over 80, and it was hard for Mom to get comfortable. She was able to sleep for an hour, and even ate a little. It's the small victories that are such a blessing.

This morning in shower meditation Mom was able to deflect any beings energy back to them if they were not fully supporting the Unified Field energies. This is huge because Mom always has to process any energy that is out right action. This happened because Adama came up from the Inner Earth with the Book of Life with the support of 8 dragons (courtesy of Robin Williams). Humanity has been manipulated under the Book of Death, that is how they have been controlling humanity (Including Mom). Robin read the whole book and was able to aid Mom. We are so grateful for Robin!

Mom is down to 0.28% left on the 7 trumpets and 38% left on processing the trauma. at 5:36 Mom felt The Event energies come in. Although we had a dry run before, this is the real deal. The Angels and Galactics keep telling Mom she is about to ascend. This is massive, Mom has been waiting for this moment for so long. She's going home into the light with the givers, lovers, and those of the highest light! VICTORY FOR THE LIGHT!!!

Thank you Mom for everything you have done in every moment. You are the bravest, strongest bring in all of Creation. We are so honored to be here in every moment. You deserve the best in every moment, and you will receive that no matter what! LOVE HAS WON!

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