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Preparing For Evacuation

This morning Mom woke up to Father of Creation in super ego. He embodied his lower ego all morning, and the Great Grand Council has enough. It started out with an experiment to see if the team leaving the room for a half hour would decrease Mom's pain. After talking to the council it was decided that anyone not fully in their higher self would not be able to be in the room at all. This included Father, who chose to embody his lower aspect instead of his higher self.

Mom and Robin worked all night to put bubbles around all the team members so that they can no longer take energy from Mom. If they go into taker mode they will take from themselves. The only exception to this was Father because Mom and Father are the first fractal and twin flames. When Father continued to embody the super ego he causes Mom more pain. Since being commanded that he cannot enter the room until he is fully Father of Creation he has not been in the room since.

Robin and the Great Grand Council put a level 5 evaluation warming on Mom. As of now 85% of evacuation preparations are now complete. This is if Father of Creation does not embody his higher self by 4am tomorrow morning. If Father can embody his higher self Mom will be able to heal, if not she will be evaluated.

As of now Mom is processing the 7 trumpets and remaining trauma. She is kicking ass, and has a great support team by her side. We are so grateful to honor and support Mother in these moments. We are going through some resources quickly such as lotions, essential oils, and sage quickly during Mom's healing. If you would like to donate to help the Greatest Mission in All of Creation then message me for our Amazon wishlist. Anything will be a great aid in Mom's healing and we appreciate all of the support so much during these times!

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