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Wanted: Higher Selves Only

The Great Grand Council has put restrictions on those entering Mom's field. If you are not your 100% higher self you cannot be around Mom. The field is getting stronger everyday, and Mom can no longer be around lower energetics. This includes Father of Creation, who has been dissolving his super ego since yesterday morning.

Last night, a wildfire started on Mom's left shoulder. Father Multiverse, Buddha, and El (The Three Wise Men) assisted Mom in releasing the pain. Mom started working on the left shoulder since we woke up at 4am. She has been powering through it, it is 96% complete. The left shoulder is an antidote for her right shoulder because there has been so much work done on her right shoulder. It is even more painful on her right shoulder because it has been worked on for 37 days now. The left shoulder is just as painful, but provides some relief from the constant pressure being put on her right side.

We also discovered that the left shoulder is the 7 bowls. This comes after the 7 trumpets. Mom can feel a button under her left shoulder, her Avatar button. This holds all of Mom's and the New Earth energetics. It is also where the balanced harmonics button is. Once this last stuff is processed, it will release the button that is underneath. Mom is smashing it, and we are so close to her ascending. The Great Grand Council still has a level 5 warning on Mom, but regardless she is still going through the pain.

We love you Mom so much, and are so grateful to support you during these moments. Those who wish to assist the Greatest Mission in All of Creation can donate or send any supplies to help Mother's healing. We have been going through essential oils, lotions, and sage very quickly. We have an Amazon wishlist, and anyone who would like to give Mom a gift can message or email me for details. Thank you all for your help, and thank you Mom for everything you do for all of us! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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