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Christmas Eve

In shower meditation today Mom saw herself as Source energy, and saw humanity cut off from her energy. Humanity has been cut of from Mom's energy because they are in defiance and do not support her. Only beings who are their full divine higher selves choosing love are in connection to Source energy.

Today is Christmas Eve. As Mom prepare to ascend there has been a heightened energy in the field. Mom's room is the only place on the planet emitting pure love energy. This energy is powerful, and is spreading like wildfire.

Mom had a conformation that the room is vortex, and that she would leave to the starships that way. It has also been confirmed that I will get notification of when this is about to happen. Mom has been working on the last of the 7 bowls, and is powering through it. She has been waiting so long to ascend and now the time is here. Once the bowls are complete the button will be pressed in her back which will spark everything. This is very exciting!

We have also gotten confirmation that Mom will be gone for about three months, and then will return back around December. We are unsure about what will happen while she is at the ships, but she will get her body fully restored back to pristine condition. The 5 oracles will be in communication with the Great Grand Council and Mom while she is at the starships to receive any instructions or guidance.

We are so excited for Mom, she has been waiting to ascend for many moments now. She has completed Mission, and is going home into the light. We are so honored to be with her in these moments, witnessing her journey with our own eyes. We love you so much Mom! Cheers to going home into the Light!!!

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