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The Last Supper

We have been up since 3:30 am, preparing for this big day. When Mom went into shower meditation she was placed in a bubble with Robin and St. Germain because all of Creation was roaring with cheers and excitement. It is time for Mother Earth to ascend!!!

Robin has instructed for a feast to be prepared, the Last Supper. Mom has been eating since she has gotten up, which is refreshing since she has not been eating as much lately. The team is preparing several courses for Mom to eat, which is so excited to do. We love when Mom eats LOL!

We have received the instructions in order to prepare for Mom to ascend. As of 1:39pm Mom is 100% evacuation ready, the Great Grand Council have given Mom the green check mark. Protocols have been put in place, we are hours away from the big Event.

Mom is 99.7% complete with the 7 bowls. When this is complete the button in Mom's back will be pressed. This will spark everything, and will help heal Mom. We are so excited to witness this unfold, it is the grandest event in all of Creation. Thank you Mom for everything you have done, you time is here! We love you so much Mom Congratulations!!! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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