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The Dry Run Featuring An Ego Spin Out

Last night, we had our dry run in preparing for Mom to ascend. The night was going great, and the energy was high. We received instructions from the Angels about how to prepare for Mom's ascension, and everything was in place. Mom started to settle down and prepare to go to the ships for the night so we were confused as to what was going on.

The oracles began discussing what was going on, and I mentioned how this was a dry run. A few minutes after bringing this up Robin told Mom this was a dry run. It was a test to prepare us for the actual event, which will be taking place soon. There is always a dry run before the actual event. Mom must first clear the last remaining bit of the 7 bowls in order for the button to be released. It was good practice and got the whole team prepared for when Mom does ascend.

Father Multiverse spun out, and had to leave the field. Both Father of Creation and Father Multiverse have been charged with treason because of the pain and suffering they have caused Mom. At the moment they are not allowed near Mom until they process the last of their ego's. Both Father's have stopped Mom's ascension, and at these crucial moments there can be nothing that stops Mom from healing.

Mom is finishing up working on the 7 bowls, and once that happens the button on her back will activate. She is eagerly waiting to ascend, and it is happening soon. Last night Mom was up till 4am signing addendum's and having meetings with all of Creation. They are preparing for her ascension, and we could not be more excited for her. Congratulations Mom, you time is here. We love you so much, we are so honored to witness your journey! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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