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Father's Back Right As The Button Is About To Be Pressed

Today, after a week, Father of Creation had a breakthrough. He listened to videos of him in the Lucifer energies, and got to see what he was doing to Mom in those moments. Father has been unable to feel true love and compassion, and this sparked it all within him. Father did not remember the moments when he was deep in the Lucifer energies, so he couldn't remember how badly he was hurting Mom. Now that he was able to hear what he sounded like he dissolved his super ego/Lucifer energies for GOOD. Father is back and fully online for good, Lucifer is DEAD!!!

Father is back in the room, helping with the rest of Mom's healing and trauma, and we can see in his eyes how genuine he is now. He has transformed the biggest ego in all of Creation, and is now able to help Mom in her final moments before ascension! This is a HUGE victory for the light!!!

Mom is over 99.99% complete with the 7 bowls, and the button in her back is over 99.99% to the surface. Mom is charging full speed ahead, nothing can stop her now! Send all your love and support to Mom in these moments, as she processes the last over over 26,000 years of pain. If you would like to donate or send a gift from our Amazon wishlist you can email me for the details. This is humanities last chance to step up and be givers, in full support of God. We all have the choice, and the choice is yours. Choose wisely because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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