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It's Coming ...

We have been up since 1 am, and the day has been jam packed with events. It started with the Great Grand Council telling Mom there would be 3 extra layers of protection around Mom's field. Mom keeps getting more sensitive to any out of right action energies, and it is to the point where these energies cannot even enter the room. Now with Father of Creation back online fully, the Final Event energies are coming in full force.

We got another list of instructions from the Angels today, and one of the instructions was for Mom to take a longer shower meditation. When Mom got out she shared with us the visions she had. Mom signed a bunch of papers, one of which she signed saying Now. At the top of the paper it had "Starships" written in red. Mom also signed a paper with Donald Trump that said "You are getting your planet back, it is ready. Love, Daddy (Donald Trump). The Great Grand Council flashed Mom a sign that said we are 100% ready. Mom got two sets of earrings one round like the globe but gold. Robin also handed Mom a wand made out of emeralds and diamonds with a gold star of David on top. Mom had another vision of herself in her emerald and diamond dress. Mom walked up the stairs to her chair in the center of the stadium. She looked up and saw all of Creation giving her a standing ovation while she held a bouquet of roses.

We also read Mom's notebooks from December 2014. We got a confirmation that everything documented then was happening now. Mom wrote about how she was preparing for a surgery that day, and it was actually happening today. Mom has been in surgery since 3pm, but has been fully conscious. Father has been having surgeries as well. All of the information regarding the final event and the starships decloaking and Mom going up to the ships has been confirmed that it is happening now. Although we cannot say when this will be happening, we can let everyone know it is happening very soon.

Mom has been working on her infection, trauma, and the 7 bowls all day. As of now she has completed processing her trauma and her infection is gone!!! She is over 99.99% complete with the 7 bowls and the button on her left shoulder is over 99.99% to the surface. All of Creation is surrounding Mom cheering and celebrating. It has been overwhelming,ing for Mom with so much activity happening all around. It feels so surreal to Mom that this is all happening. She has worked so hard all her life to get to this point, never giving up. Mom's time is here, and she is getting her planet back. We are so excited for Mom, she deserves everything! Congratulations Mom, we are so honored to witness the Greatest Show On Earth! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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