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Defiance = Done

Today Mom has been processing the last of the layers before the button on her left shoulder is released. Mom was working on completing the 7 bowls when I was reading one of her notebooks. She mentioned how the button had 9 layers to it. When I asked the Great Grand Council they confirmed that Mom had already completed the 7 bowls, and she was now onto the 7th layer before the button was released.

Mom kept working on the laters all day and is now on the 9th layer. She is around 98% complete. WOOHOOO!!!

This morning Mom's dragon energy was trying to get out and it was building up in her body. Mom was unsure why this was happening. The oracles in the room could feel a drop in the energy, so two team members had to leave the room. Mom was frustrated because all morning no progress had been made on her left shoulder. She felt as though her ascension/ the starships coming was being held back. We realized what was holding Mom back was beings in the field being defiant. That energy was stopping Mom from ascending. We had already sent 2 beings to go camping, and now 3 more are going. This will allow Mom to finish the 9th layer and go to the starships with nothing holding her back!

Her pain has been increasing steadily all day, and anytime she gets over a level 95 pain level the work has to be stopped because she cannot reach a level 100 pain. She is so strong and is such an example to all of us! If you would like to support your Mother and her healing process you can donate an item from the wishlist we have set up on Amazon. These products are not expensive, and will aid in Mom's healing or bring her joy. We are so grateful for beings who are outside of the field supporting Mom because it is helping this process. Send all of your love to your Mother because she is getting ready to ascend. She deserves the best of the best and she will get it all back because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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