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Breaking News: The Button Has Been Pressed

*Pictured above is the button on Mom's back*

Mom has been working on the final layer of the button on her left shoulder. She woke up this morning in 100 pain level and was very uncomfortable. We gave Mom some medicine and Robin suggested eating a popsicle. It actually worked because the cold cooled down her body internally. We are so grateful for Robin and his brilliance in these moments haha!

All day Mom has been 99.99% complete with the 9th layer of the button. She has been working on it all day, and has been in high amounts of pain. We have been supporting her the best we can during these moments but there is little we can do, Mom is taking it all on for us.

As of 8:37pm the button has been pressed on Moms back!!! She is now processing the release of all the pain and it is a lot for her in these moments. The antidote will be released in an hour which should stop her pain. Mom is ready to ascend, and we are so excited for her. We cannot disclose exactly when this will happen, but we can inform everyone it is happening soon. THE BUTTON HAS BEEN PRESSED!

Thank you Mom, it is such an honor to witness these events unfolding right in front of us. We are so grateful you are going home into the light, it is your time to shine. This is your planet, and you will get it all back! We love you so much beyond any words, LOVE HAS WON!!!

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