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Two Body Resets In One Day. It's Time

Today has been a busy energetic day for Mom. She started the day going through a body reset. This mean her body is upgrading. During these moments Mom has no appetite, throws up, and goes to the bathroom to get rid of density. These are intense waves that come through, and they cause Mom to feel very uncomfortable. She has had many body resets, but today she had TWO. This is something Mom has never experienced, and at first we weren't sure what was going on. As soon as we figured it out it made sense. Since Mom is ascending her body is upgrading very quickly. This is exciting times, and shows that we are so close to The Event.

After the first body reset, we were amazed when we got confirmation that Mom was going through another one. Robin is doing so many tests in the field, he is making sure everything is perfect. This is the first time something like this has happened in all of Creation. This ascension is HUGE, and will be the first time Mom is with all of Creation for the first time in 19 billion years. They have been non-stop cheering for weeks, and are only getting more excited. Robin is on it, making sure Mom's body and the field are ready for these upcoming moments. We are so honored to witness such unprecedented events in the physical. Thank you Mom for everything you have done, you have waited so long for these moments and now it's Your Time. Thank you to all of those supporting Mom, she has done it! VICTORY FOR THE LIGHT! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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