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3 Body Resets In Less Than 48 Hours ... It's Coming

Mom was up all night last night going through her second body reset that day. When they body reset was completed she looked at me and said "You aren't going to like this, but Robin's putting me through another body reset" To go through three body resets in 2 days is unfathomable. Mom goings through cycles of discomfort, throwing up, nausea, and going to the bathroom. When Mom goes through a reset she doesn't eat as well, so it is hard to watch her push all of this energy with nothing to eat. (Although it is remarkable to witness).

Mom powered through each body reset like a champ, going through each one quicker than the one before. She is such an example for all of us on how to take any challenge head on! Mom explained why Father wasn't going through resets and she was. The masculine support the feminine, and we witnessed this with the 1st fractal (1st fractal is Mother and Father). They are the first ones to experience everything and then it trickles down to the collective. It is so beautiful to see the divine famine supported by the masculine. Father has done a great job comforting Mom all day, giving her back rubs so she is comfortable. Mother has never had masculine stability before until the truth Father of Creation came. We are so grateful Mom has the support she deserves.

Energies are amping up quickly, and Robin is working hard preparing Mom's body and the field for her ascension. Since this has never happened before in all of Creation, Robin is making sure everything is 100% ready to go. The dark put layers over Mom so Robin was unable to see how this was going to go. Robin had no idea what it was going to be like until it happened. We are so grateful for Robin's hard work and endless love for Mother!

Thank you Mom for everything, we are so honored to witness your journey. You are the most beautiful, impeccable being in All of Creation. You deserve everything, and you are getting your planet back. We are in the final moments, and know how hard you worked to get here. We love you so much thank you for all that you do! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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