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Testing 1 2 3

The Etheric's have been doing field testing all day, making sure everything is in place and cleared for Mom's ascension. The wind has been blowing hard all day today as they prepare for this! Mom's field has expanded from 30 miles wide to 122 miles! Extra protection for Mom has been put in place, now beings 98% and over their higher selves can enter the house. Higher selves only around Mom!

Mom had several visions today in shower meditation. She saw her eye then saw it turn into Robin's eye, then his full face. St. Germain gave her a jewelry box and inside was a beautiful Celtic cross. She saw herself on the starships, picking the karma each being on the planet would receive. It is all happening so quickly, we are so excited for Mom!

Mom has been going through tests on her body all day. The Etheric's conducted by Robin have been working on her chakras, her nerves and organs. They are prepping Mom for the biggest moment in All of Creation! Mom has reached 100% her crystalline body!!! WOOHOO! This is unprecedented times we are in, and Mother is ready to ascend!

We are so honored and excited to witness what is unfolding in these moments! Send all your love to your Mother in these moments, she's done it all and is now going home into the Light!! We are so grateful for everything Mother has done, and are so honored to be here with her in the physical! We love you Mother so much thank you for everything! LOVEHASWON!

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