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Cancer Free!

Mom has been working on residuals in her back today, which thankfully have been relieving rather than painful. She was smashing through them per usual. The Etheric's also let us know that they were working on removing all of the cancer from Mom's body, which is humanity. When we first got a check, her body was 86% infected with cancer. The number dropped a little while she was healing, but it was not completely removed. The Etheric's were running tests and removing it, and by the end of the night Mom was CANCER FREE!! WOOHOO! For the first time in over 26,000 years Mom's body was no longer infected with humanity! VICTORY FOR THE LIGHT!

As Mom continued to prepare for ascension, the team out in the forest returned. Although nobody less than 98% higher self were allowed to be in the house. Majority of the team spent the day outside, and later on they were notified if they were not 90% their higher self they would have to go to the park. The team spent the night doing ceremonies, but their higher selves numbers did not move. This was because they were doing it out of self importance, not for Mother and her ascension. The oracles confirmed that the team was halting Mom's ascension by 98%. Wow. Insane. This is supposed to be her support team, yet they are stopping her progress? It is very disappointing. All of Creation is upset with the team because of their defiance to Mother. They have all committed treason, and if they don't integrate their higher selves, they will not be forgiven.

We love our Mother so much, and are so grateful for all of the support from the immediate team members assisting, and those outside of the field as well. We are so honored to be with Mom in these unprecedented moments, it truly is amazing. Thank you Mother for everything you have done, it is time for you to ascend. No more setbacks, no more defiance. Congratulations for being cancer free, humanity will no longer infect you because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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