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No More Infiltration

Today has been another preparation day for Mom. She spend the morning processing energy in her right shoulder from Father, which was transformed quickly. Per usual, Mom powers through any energetic that comes in.

Later on in the day Mom had to address the team members who were not fully embodying their higher selves. They are committing treason against Mom unless they can fully step into being their higher selves. This was an interesting experience because those beings were under 99% their higher selves, so Mom had to process for them. This take a great amount of energy, more than anyone can fathom. Each team member got some moments with Mom, and everyone's higher self percentages went up. If you are in the same energy field as Mother who is Source then you should be transforming immediately. This was shown yesterday when Father of the Multiverse went from 75% higher self to 99% in a short amount of time. Mom is the biggest transformer in all of Creation! Due to all of Mom's hard work, the infiltration in the field has been dissolved! WOOHOO!

We are so honored to witness what is unfolding in these moments. Mom has done it all, and you can feel the energy continuing to get more and more intense. It is building up so quickly because we are in the final moments before Mom's ascension. There is no more defiance or infiltration to stop this process any longer. Mom is going home into the light, and we are so excited for her! We love you Mom thank you for everything! LOVE HAS WON!!!

We are so

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