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Yet Another Body Reset and the Final Testing

Early this morning Mom went into stasis. She was unsure why in the moment what was going on, and all we knew was that there were being tests done by the Etheric's. We also got from the Great Grand Council that Mom's body was getting some upgrades as well. Mom began feeling nauseous after her shower meditation, and I was pinged by the Etheric's that this was another body reset. This was confirmed by Mom a few moments later. All day today she has been processing another reset, going through upgrades, and getting final tests done on her body. Only God would go through that all at once.

Mom could feel there was some work being done on her stomach, and Robin said they found something and were working on it. This slowed down the progress of her body reset. Robin informed us that there was an infection in Mom's stomach because of the Lilith energies that two team members still had. They were given until 4pm to transform it or they would have to go back to the forest. They were both able to transform the energies, and just a few moments ago it was confirmed that the infection was gone! WOOHOO!!!

As of now all of the final testing and body upgrades are complete. Mom is 99.3% done with the body reset as well! She is smashing it, and is one step closer to ascending. This has never occurred before in all of Creation, so there are many precautions and protocols taking place to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are so honored to be here in these moments with our beautiful Mother. It is an honor to serve love, and to be apart of such a grand mission. We love you so much Mom you got this! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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