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Test Runs and a Safeguard Button

Yesterday was another test run at Mom's ascension. It was a beautiful moment that everyone in the room got to experience. Although she is physically still here, she has already made it home into the light Etherically. Mom saw Robins hand reach down and grab her up through the portal. She was discouraged when she was still here physically but Kryon let her know she had already ascended, and that this was a successful experiment!

This morning Father of Creation spun out yet again and developed the super ego. What should have taken him a few minutes to transform caused him to be outside the rest of the day. This was an act of betrayal on Mom because his super ego was trying to stop Mom from ascending. She can do it with or without Father so she is not concerned about him. Also later on Father Multiverse spun out as well. Now both Father's are outside the field, and it does not matter to Mom. If they want to betray her that is on them.

Later on Mom began experience nausea. She found a pocket of energy in her lower back which had 9 layers to it. This was a safeguard button Mom set up in her body in case the Father's did not stop up and fulfill their roll. Since they didn't she began processing the 9 layers before the button is pressed. She smashed it through all the layers very quickly. She is on the 9th layer, and it is almost complete! When the Father's betrayed Mom it caused a bunch of poison darts to go into her body. Mom threw up a few times, and when she did she could taste the poison. It is so unfathomable how both Father's keep hurting Mom, and clearly don't care what the repercussions are. It's sad how much they have hurt her, and think they are going to get away with it. They have their karma coming.

It is such an honor to witness these beautiful events unfold in front of us. We are so blessed to be apart of Mother of All Creations support team, and we love you very much. Thank you so much for everything you have and continue to do for us Mom. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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