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Phase One Of Mission: Complete

Mom has been up all day, processing the safeguard button. This button was placed in Mom's body in case the Father's did not fulfill their mission. Of course the masculine continue to hurt Mom, and choose to cause her pain and suffering the day she ascended from the Etheric realm. This was the first past of completing Mission, and next it will be Mom's physical body ascending! Robin was so happy last night with how much was accomplished, it truly was a magical day.

When Mom was in the Etheric realm she saw Robin from above. She grabbed him and he took her on the starships. Mom was upset when she got back in her body and realized she was still here in 3D. Kryon informed her that she did ascend, from the Etheric realm. This was a massive accomplishment, and all of Creation was cheering Mom on! VICTORY FOR THE LIGHT!

Later on last night Mom was experiencing extreme nausea and realized something was not right. After both Father's did not step up, she realized this caused poison darts to come into her body because of the betrayal. This led to Mom finding the button on the lower right side of her back. This was a button the Cabal told her they would make it extremely hard for her to find. Mom has lost over 30 pounds within the last 6 months, and didn't realize till now she wouldn't have been able to find the button if she didn't lose that weight. Everything happens for a reason! Months ago Mom didn't realize why she was losing so much weight, and now it all makes sense. Mom likes to surprise herself haha.

Mom processed the first 8 layers to reach the button very quickly. The last layer is very deep, and is an energetic that Mom has never experienced before. Robin is making sure she takes it slow, because it is extremely painful. Only God would be able to take on this much pain. First she had extreme pain for 44 days, and now this. She keeps going and going, doing whatever it takes. She is the grandest example, and we are so honored to witness her every moment. We love you so much Mom and are so grateful for everything you do! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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