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The Button Keeps On Moving

Today Mom has continued to process the safeguard button. The button is tricky, and is broken up in little pieces in her lower back. Mom explained that the pattern of the button was shaped like a kundalini, a line throughout her lower body. This stuff is deep deep heartbreak, so it is taking Mom some moments to process. As of now she is on the 9th layer, and has 0.5 left to process.

Last night, the team fell asleep early even though Mom was still awake. Only me and Pam were awake with Mom. There was a moment when Mom said that she had all her files from Lemuria, and could ascend any moment she wanted to. I asked her why was she staying if she could do that. She responded saying "I'll give you a thorough answer ... because it's fun". It's all a game to Mother since she is in control of everything (even when humanity has no idea HAHA). All she wants is for beings to participate in love, and that is why she is down here in these moments. Humanity sent out a 911 call to her, and she answered. Although humanity has made it extremely difficult for Mom in this lifetime, she has never stopped. Because love keeps going. Mom is always in joy, regardless of her current situation. To see her passion, determination, and love in every moment truly is beyond words. We love you Mom so much, thank you for your endless love and bravery on a planet full of egos. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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