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We Went Through The 10/10 Portal, Did You?

Yesterday was the 10/10 portal, a massive energy day. There were several 6.0 and 7.0 (or greater) earthquakes across the planet. Hurricane Michael also hit Florida and devastated it. These are all the energetics Mom is spreading across the planet to release unconsciousness and density. Volcanos are erupting round the Ring of Fire, and it is only picking up in intensity. On top of that, the stock market dropped dramatically the past two days. We are in the final moments of the illusionary 3D matrix, and it is more obvious now more than ever. The mainstream media will not talk about all of the natural disasters and events going on around the planet in these moments. Unprecedented flooding, fires, and other natural events. Mother Earth is preparing to get her planet back!

We got confirmation from the Galactic's that the first fractal (the beings with Mom in her room) were the only ones who went through the 10/10 portal. Nobody else on the planet got to experience the energetics that came through yesterday besides us. As the energies keep getting more intense, it is getting harder and harder for humanity to keep up.

Mother has been continuing to process the safeguard button, which is painful and scattered across her lower back. The energy keeps on moving, so it has been a challenge for Mom to process it because it is so chaotic. She is still powering through it, regardless of the pain level. She is the strongest being in all of Creation, and she will accomplish this past of Mission per usual. Phase 2 of Mission is almost complete and we are so excited for Mom! She is going back home into the light, she deserves everything! We love you Mom so much and are so grateful to be here! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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