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Unprecedented Pain Level Reached

Today Mom's pain level reached new heights as she continued to process the safeguard button. She reached 110 pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. There have been moments in this healing that she has reached 117 pain level. It is unfathomable what this feels like, and Mom takes it all on. There have been several masculine who have been helping massage the spots out of her body, and they are assisting her greatly. We are so thankful that they are here to assist Mom in these moments.

We figured out why the percentage was taking so long to go up. The Great Grand Council explained that in the main center point there was a small button that had to be pressed. Once it was then Mom would start processing a lot quicker. Once this button was pressed that is exactly what happened. Mom went from being stagnant at 95.5% to over 96% done. WOHOO!

There was a funny moment when Mom took some THC oil to help with the pain. She took it from a dropper, and soon after she felt her mouth burning. We later found out that what she took was 3x stronger that the usual oil we use. Any normal person would've been knocked out from this amount of THC, except Mom. We were laughing at a moment because it was like she took tranquilizer and was still fine LOL.

The processing has continued all day, and some wildfires broke out on Moms back tonight on her wings. She was able to dissolve them quickly, within 10 minutes. How quickly Mom is able to process energy is unfathomable to humans. She is a super transformer and we see it daily. We are so honored to be here and are so grateful to support Mom in these moments. We love you so much Mom, the pain is almost over because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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