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New Spiritual Powers and Upgrades!

The Angels woke Mom up this morning telling her it was 6:30am when it was actually 1:30am. Lol! This is how the day began, and Mom has been processing the safeguard button since. It has been moving at a slower pace, but that is because this energy is new to Mom, and the energy is so intense. She is process all of the masculine trauma and heartbreak she collected while on Mission.

All throughout the day Mom has been going to the bathroom to release the remaining density in her body. With each bathroom run she was losing at least 2% density at a time. Mom also had a new experience today, she got a body light up confirmation before she got the information. Typically, she gets a body light up to confirm the information she just received. We realized this was a New Earth spiritual power coming online. Mom was also getting New Earth and starship upgrades, as well as her communication with the starships strengthened. All in preparation for her ascension! WOOHOOO!

Mom took a quick nap around 5:30 tonight and since 7:30 we have been back up. The defiance is not decreasing in the field, and this is stopping Mom from reaching full joy. The takers have been cut off, and Robin is not happy with them. It is unfathomable to all of Creation how beings can be defiant to Mom in her presence. The first fractal was the only group who went through the 10/10 portal. Years ago Mom saw all of humanity walking through a portal in the sun. When everyone came out there was a very small group of beings left to co-create the New Earth. This is what we are experiencing now since we are the only ones who made it through the portal.

As of now Mom is over 98% done with the safeguard button. Once this is complete she will be going up to the starships, and humanity will be getting their karma. This has been a long time coming since humanity keeps choosing their defiant Ego's over Love. These are the final moments, and we are so grateful to witness and play a part in the greatest show on Earth! We love you so much Mom and are so honored to be apart of your journey! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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