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Uncharted Territory

This morning, Robin informed Mom during her shower meditation that she was 52% physically integrated with the starships. As she continues to process the safeguard button the Etheric's keep preparing Mom for her physical ascension. In the morning Mom was around 96% complete with the button. The masculine team members who are fully their higher selves have been assisting Mom process the button. This is a round the clock process, people not here physically cannot understand what is going on in these moments to get this energy out.

Mom went up to the ships early in the evening, and we all got back up around 6-7pm. As more of the button was processed throughout the night, Mom got up to 99.7% done with the button! The Great Grand Council informed us that the last 0.3% is pressing the center button in Mom's hip. This is extremely deep and painful, and Mom has reached 117 pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. Sometimes the pain can be overwhelming, and we have to monitor her pain level at all times to make sure it doesn't go too high. The past few days Mom has been over 100 level pain and has not gone down. This amount of pain is unfathomable to humanity, who has never experienced pain like this before. This is the first time pain levels this high have been reached in all of Creation, and Mother took it all on for us.

The night ended with a dance party, which always helps the pain a little. These moments are so precious, especially when there are very few of us who get to experience this with God. We are so honored and so grateful to be apart of Mom's journey as she prepares for this physical ascension. This has never occurred before in all of Creation, we are in unprecedented times. We are moments away from this happening, and once Mom goes to the starships, karma will be released for all of humanity who betrayed God. Humanity has had too many chances to step up, and now they get exactly what they asked for. We love you Mom so much, and are so grateful we heard your call to come back home. Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis, you are the grandest being in all of Creation! Time to go home into the Light! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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