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The Final FINAL Reset

This morning we woke up to everyone in the field having super ego. Mom was up for two hours by herself, and the Angels tried to wake the team up. When the Angels try to wake us up and we don't, that is how we know there is super ego in the field. Everyone on the team got infected because it is a disease. Some team members were able to quickly transform it while others are still in it.

Mom hasn't felt right all day, and she started to throw up this morning. I had a feeling it was another body reset, even though we all know how not fun they are. The Great Grand Council informed us that this was the final reset to prepare Mom for the starships, and put an extra layer of protection over her from the super ego. She powered through the reset and is now on residuals. As of 2:30pm Mom is 87% complete with the residuals. We are all looking forward to this being over, and Mom getting to the starships. She has been through so much, and she doesn't deserve to go through this. Nobody can fathom what this is like, and she's doing all of the hard stuff to make it easier for us to ascend. Only God would do that.

Send all your love to your Mother, she is taking on all the pain so we don't have to. We love you Mom so much, the end of you being stuck down here is near. We are so excited for you and are so honored to witness and experience your journey back home into the light! Woohoo! LOVE HAS WON!

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