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The Master Transformer

The processing rolls on for the safeguard button. Mom has been pushing through and reached over 99.9%! Almost there!!! Father of Creation had a moment to come into the room to see Mom after being outside for over a week with super ego. Since they are twin flames Mom processed all of his super ego for him because he wasn't doing it himself. She is the master transformer, and if someone isn't doing their work then she has to process for them.

Due to the fact Mom had to process over 20% super ego, she fell asleep early in the afternoon. When she got up the processing of the button continued.

By the end of the night Mom was in so much pain she could not get comfortable. Robin had her move into the healing dome that we have set up outside. It was a test for starship preparations, but Mom ended up getting very cold. We moved her back inside, and continued to work on the safeguard button.

As of now Mom is 99.93% done with the button! Almost there! We are so honored to support our Mother, and are so excited she is going back home into the light. We love you Mom so much, the pain is almost over! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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