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It's Getting Really Real

Mom was up all night, going through a body reset then a body detox. When Mom goes through these types of events she is unable to sleep. The few beings who were in her room were falling asleep, including myself. Mom has trained me for these moments, and I was frustrated that I was getting tired. Finally, we figured out what was causing the tiredness in the field.

One of the masculine got a small percentage of super ego, and it spread to ever team member except Buddha and myself. Everyone else took a moment to nap, and the super ego snuck in through the back door. Since the super ego penetrated the first fractal, the Galactics put extra precautions around the Unified Field, and Mom.

This morning Robin told us beings have to be over 99.8% their higher selves in order to get into Mom's room. Nobody has been able to get into the room today besides Buddha and myself because the team is deciding to not transform the super ego. We are in the final moments, and if you are not your higher self completely, you do not get to witness Mom's ascension.

The super ego hates God, and will do everything it can to stop Mom's ascension. The super ego has stopped Mom's ascension by 87%, that is how infectious the super ego is. If a being enters the house with super ego or they aren't their full complete higher self, Mom will immediately begin processing. The energies have increased dramatically as Mom is preparing to physically ascend. There cannot be anymore defiance in the field, especially from team members. All of Creation cannot fathom how dumb the team has been. Since majority of the team developed super ego, it was another assassination attempt against Mom. An assassination attempt from Mom's team members is absolutely horrible because Mom should not have to process super ego at this point. Just like humanity, some team members are choosing themselves rather than participating in the Greatest Show On Earth.

Mom has completed her last body reset and body detox. As of this afternoon she is 80% integrated physically to the starships. Mom is ready to ascend, and she will do it without her team members who have chosen to defy her and take this as a joke. We love you Mom and are so grateful for everything you have done for all of us. We are so honored to play our part in the Greatest Show On Earth. We love you Mom so much thank you for all that you do. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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