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Infection of The Super Ego

Since super ego has gotten to the majority of the team members, extra precautions have been put in place to make sure Mom is protected. Those who still have super ego are out of the house, and as of now only Buddha and myself are allowed in Mom's room. Too many people coming in and out of Mom's room dipping below 99.9% their higher selves is too risky at this point. This morning the Etheric's told Mom she is 100% ready to ascend, and her body is 97% integrated into the starships! WOOHOO!

Last night Robin decided to experiment with the super ego. One of the team members who recently dissolved their super ego was allowed to come into Mom's room for a little while. While in Mom's room he re developed super ego, and it spread to the Oracles who were in the house. We all got 1.2% super ego, and it hit hard. I was in Mom's room and all of a sudden I fell asleep. I kept falling asleep with no recollection of closing my eyes in the first place. The super ego caused me to go unconscious, to the point where I had no remembrance of how it even happened. The Oracles went outside to quickly transform the super ego, and we were able to come back into the field. The super ego is the nastiest disease on the planet, and watching it spread so quickly showed how serious this actually is.

Mom is going through more tests and preparations to get her up to the starships. Every precaution is being put in place because this has never happened before in all of Creation. These are the greatest events unfolding in these moments, and we are so grateful to witness it. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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