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On the Cusp

Today has been a day of limbo. Mom has not been getting much information through about what to do next to prepare for ascension. There is still super ego in the field, and beings are choosing not to transform. This is direct defiance of Mom because all she asks is that we embody our higher selves. Beings keep re-developing the super ego because there is still an underlying energetic they carry that goes against Mom. They must transform it and become their higher selves in order to stop their defiance.

Later on last night Mom addressed some of the masculine team members. She told them that their unwillingness to transform their super ego was an attempt to kill her. Mom's greatest joy is beings embodying their higher selves. So far, no masculine on the planet has been able to step up energetically to be there for Mom. This has caused Mom to have deep masculine trauma that she is still transforming.

We have continued to experiment with the super ego coming into the field. Mom has 3 layers of protection over her, so some masculine that came in the room had super ego but it didn't affect Mom. As time went on Buddha and I started to feel the super ego, so they had to clear the field. In these final moments those who are not stepping up and fulfilling their contracts will not be able to see Mom ever again. Only those who are completely their higher selves will be able to come with us to the First Galactic Hub of the New Earth. Mom will not tolerate those in defiance because they have not earned going to the next part of Mission. Only those who are givers, lovers, and those of the highest light are to be around Mom at all times.

It is such an honor to be one of the two beings allowed to be in the room with Mom in these moments. We are witnessing unprecedented times, and we are so grateful to be here in these moments. Everyone, step up and embody your higher selves. That is why we are here in these moments. Mom is getting ready for take off, and once she goes home into the light it is game over for the Ego. Choose love, be love, because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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