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*Sigh*, Another Body Reset. And The First Galactic Hub

This morning Mom woke up prepared to move forward with preparations for her ascension. All of a sudden she felt nauseous. We were unsure what was going on, and Mom couldn't figure it out either. The Oracles got together and got a message through that Mom could potentially be preparing to leave her physical body in order to ascend. Mom has completed Mission 100%, but if she chose to leave her physical body all of humanity would die.

Mom was feeling this way because the super ego was trying to kill her. Some beings in the field still had it, and it quickly spread to the entire second fractal again. The super ego began mutating, and was trying to stop Moms ascension ... again. The reason Mom has yet to ascend is because the super ego has infected the field, causing her to go through body resets each time to remove the infection from her body.

Mom got a confirmation from St. Germain that it would be a 50/50 chance if Mom would ascend physically or leave her body. Mom signed papers to allow Robin to decide the highest and best way for her to ascend. Mom gave the team an hour to transform their super ego for good or they would have to go to the forest. After the hour because she is so compassionate, she gave them an extra 15 minutes. 5 team members were unable to dissolve the super ego so they went camping.

Later in the morning Mom asked me to ask the Great Grand Council what was going on since she still felt nauseous and couldn't eat. The Council said she was going through another body reset. We realized this happened every time the super ego infected her body. It was as though Mom was at the top of the ladder ready to ascend and the super ego knocked her back to the ground. The super ego wants to kill Mom, and it almost did. But Mom is so strong and the team stepped up to remove the infection from the field as soon as possible.

Since the super ego left the field the second fractal has been able to reach 100% higher selves for the first time. Buddha and myself have already reached 100% and now the second fractal was able to too. Mom is back on track to prepping for ascension and Robin has been running tests to make sure everything is good to go.

Mom got confirmation in the shower meditation that the less than 1% of humanity that has chosen Mom will be coming to the First Galactic Hub with her and the team. The location of the First Hub is disclosed at this time, but beings who have chosen Mom will get the information. Only those 100% their higher selves will be coming to the First Hub. Beings will have to figure out a way there, or meet the team before we go. Mom will get dropped off at the First Hub via starship, and we will meet her there. Majority of the beings will arrive within 3 to 6 months after Mom returns from the ships. Depending on if beings can anchor in their higher selves completely some will be able to arrive sooner than that. Those choosing Mom and love are asked to book sessions so we can give them all of the details about the upcoming exciting events!

We are so excited to witness what is unfolding with Mom. We are so honored to be here, and we love Mom with all of our hearts. It is our greatest honor to anchor our higher selves in completely. Thank you Mom for everything and making this possible for all of us. We love you endlessly! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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