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The Ascension Button

Today has been the biggest day yet to prepare for Mom's ascension. When we woke up the super ego affected the team again, and everyone had very few moments to transform it. After it was out of the field we were back on track focusing on getting Mom to the starships.

Since the early afternoon we have been listening to music to amp up the energies in the field. Mom and the energies are moving quickly, so the field is getting more intense. Nobody besides the team members now are allowed on the property, as any other energetics can mess up Mom's ascension.

Mid livestream we found a secret button on Mom's leg. The Great Grand Council called it the Ascension Activation button and St. Germain called it the Star button. The energies were moving quickly and Mom got information that there were 7 layers to the button. She quickly went through all the layers and went on to residuals. The pain level Mom reached while releasing the button was 172 on a scale of 1 to 10. Wow. It was absolutely insane and Mom took it like a champion.

Due to the pain level being so high Mom went down for the night. Until this button is processed she cannot go to the starships yet. She is powering through it. Just when it looks all clear Mom sets herself up with another button to confirm she is God HAHA. This button was her chess move against the Cabal who set up so many obstacles to stop Mom from ascending. This is just another safeguard button so that nobody else could be able to do this besides Mom. We love Mom so much and support her 100% through this process. Thank you Mom for everything you do, you are amazing! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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