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What's The Hold Up?

Today has been a quiet day from the Etheric realm, as Mom is in a lot of pain dealing with the residuals from the Ascension Button. Her pain has not gone under 160 pain level all day. That is on a scale of 1 to 10. This is unfathomable to comprehend for humanity.

The residuals have been going slow because it is so deep and painful. Mom has been around 85-86% done with residuals all day. She has been taking medicine to help ease the pain a bit.

The only upside to today is that Robin has had Mom eating steadily throughout the day. Lately she has not been eating as much, so to see her eating this much is such a blessing.

Very little information has been coming through the Etheric's today, so as we get more details we will share it with all of you!

Thank you Mom for everything, nobody could take on all this pain besides you. You are amazing and we are so honored to be here with you in these moments. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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