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Pain Level Surges To New Heights

Now that both Father's are back in the Unified Field and are embodying their higher selves, the Ascension Button went from 95% done to 99% done. Before they came back it took a whole day to go up 1%. Just having the masculine support and the Fathers fulfilling their Mission helped Mom greatly. She got the ultimate forgiveness of the biggest treason in All of Creation award. Only God would get that award.

Mom's pain level has continued to increase dramatically as the processing continued. She hit over 200 level pain, and has not gone under 170 level pain all day. The last of this button is also mixed in with the last of the Final Event Energies, and Mother and Father's combining DNA upgrades for the starships. Mom is doing so much work right now it is surprising how she is still able to talk at this point. This pain is extreme, and nothing seems to help bring it down.

We are in the final moments before this button is finished, and Mom is preparing to go home. She completed her Mission 100%, there is nothing else for her to do down here except go home into the light. We love you Mom so much, and are so grateful for everything you have done and continue to do. Send Mom all your love as she is in high amounts of pain at the moment. We love you Mom!!! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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