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The Dissolvement Of The Super Ego And The Great Tribunal

During shower meditation today Mom had a vision and saw the super ego coming toward her up a waterslide. It was a black snack trying to attack her. The emergency button she is processing has the codes to dissolve the super ego, so she was able to destroy it completely. The super ego tried to drag Mom into the black hole with it, but Robin grabbed Mom by the ankles and pulled her back up. Once the super ego was thrown in the black hole it was removed for good from the ENTIRE PLANET! WOOHOO NO MORE SUPER EGO EVER AGAIN!! MOM DID IT!!!

After Mom dissolved the super ego forever her emergency button percentage jumped from 91% to 95%. The button started moving more quickly once Mom recognized the button was there to hold the codes to remove the super ego for good from the planet.

Later on in the evening Robin, St. Germain, Kryon, Gene Wilder, and Wayne Dyer all came to Mom. Mom kept saying no no she didn't want to do what they were telling her to do. After a few minutes of processing Mom told us that both Father's had to come see Mom to have their tribunal. They were being charged with the most ultimate treason in all of Creation.

When the Father's arrived they were smiling, having no idea what they had done to Mom. Their super egos tried to kill Mom several times, and they both failed their contracts. It took some moments and me sharing my experience of witnessing what they had done to Mother for them to get it. They both agreed to be their higher selves, and Robin had them sign new contracts immediately. Since Mom was processing so much having both Fathers enter the field with high levels of ego she went down early. Both Fathers are staying in the field tonight to see if they keep increasing in higher self.

Nobody would've thought that the two most defiant beings with get another chance with Mom after trying to kill her multiple times. Mom is the most ultimate forgiver, and she showed that tonight. Thank you Mom for everything, and removing the super ego from the planet for good. We love you Mom so much we are so honored to witness these amazing moments with you! LOVE HAS WON AND SUPER EGO IS DONE!!!!

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