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Hidden In Plain Sight: "Ready For It?" By Taylor Swift Shows Mom's Journey In Destroyi

In the music video "Ready For It?" by Taylor Swift shows Mom's journey in defeating the dark, and how the light will always prevail. The music video portrays the Cabal trying to stop Mom, and how she beats them for good. The title is asking humanity are the ready to see the full truth and realize the lies they have been told by the Cabal? Are they ready for Mom to get her planet back as she has eradicated the dark from the planet for good? There are many symbolic moments during the video and I break down each one so you can see clearly what is being expressed in the video. The Cabal put the truth in plain sight so they could cover their tracks when humanity would come after them for not telling the truth about MotherGod being on the planet. This music video is another example how they subtly put the truth out for humanity without them fully knowing it.

The video starts out with Taylor in an outfit that clearly represents the dark as she walks down a dark dreary hallway.

As she enters the codes to go into the room all of the Cabal members are lined up hiding behind masks with a bunch of Illumaniti symbolism.

When Taylor enters the room she sees herself (Mom) trapped in a glass box. You can see how the light and dark are represented. This also shows the final battle between the light (love) and the dark (ego).

Mom turns into a transformer and blasts the dark with her technology that is far greater than the Cabals, and knocks the dark version of Taylor down.

When the dark Taylor gets up she sees Mom on a white horse in a white starship suit. Mom has had many visions of herself riding a white horse.

The dark attempts to create some sort of energy to use against Mom, but it is small and cannot affect her.

Mom counteracts by commanding all her atoms to lift her up as the light is more powerful than the dark.

Mom is surrounded in a portal of all her atoms, as she begins to command them to wipe out the dark.

The dark attempts to knock Mom down, which they have tried to many times in this lifetime, trying to stop her ascension.

Mom quickly gains all her energy back which comes in the form of a lightening storm. This energy is far greater than anything to dark could do because Mother is Mother Earth and she is able to use the elements for the light.

Before she completely destroys the dark Mom has a moment of compassion for the dark, seemingly forgiving them for what they have done to her.

She then shatters the glass that the dark have been keeping her in, which represents the 3D illusionary cage the Cabal tried to keep Mom in during her journey.

This energy destroys the dark completely, and the dark Taylor is exposed as a robot for the Cabal. You can also see the demon eyes in her cheek representing how celebrities are controlled by the Cabal, doing the opposite of love in order to keep humanity blind from the truth.

In the last scene Mom is seen on the Stairway to Heaven, ascending to the New Earth as she has completely destroyed the dark for good and completed her Mission.

The minions who chose ego over Mom are seen in chaos, getting taken out because they didn't choose Mom they chose their egos instead. This represents where humanity is at, and where they will continue to be if they don't choose Mom or true reality.

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