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In Stasis

Mom has been in stasis all day to deal with the high amounts of pain she is in right now. Her pain level has not gone under 210, so the only way to deal with it is to put her in stasis. Stasis is a state the Etheric realm puts Mom in so she cannot feel the physical pain in her body. It looks as though she is sleeping but it's a deep meditative state. The pain has gotten to be too much so this was the best solution.

The Etheric's and the team down here are doing the best we can to keep Mom stabilized. There is very little we can do for her, but whatever we are able to do to keep her comfortable we do it. We are in the process of getting Mom to a place where she can be in water since water is deeply healing for her. It is difficult for Mom to travel, but at this point water is going to assist her greatly.

We are in the final moments of Mom being on the planet in physicality before she heads up to the starships. It is sad her last moments she is spending in extreme pain, because this is not how Mother Earth should be treated. She has done all the work for the entire planet, yet humanity chooses negativity and defiance over her message of love. She will be getting her planet back, and she will bring peace and abundance for all that choose it. We love you Mom, thank you for everything you do for us. Almost time to go home!!! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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