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What A Treat: No More Ego


After days of not knowing what was going on with Mom's pain level the Great Grand Council informed us about what was going on. The Council said that beings in the field still having ego was causing Mom more pain and stopping the Ascension Button from being completed. The Council gave us a simple mantra to dissolve the ego and send it to the Galactic Central Sun to be recycled and transformed into the highest light. It worked for me and after sharing it with the team everyone dissolved their ego. Mom's pain level went from 240 to 187 within a half hour. It was amazing!

Mom is still processing the last of the button, and Robin will inform us when is the time to start working on it. The last small percent will be painful, so we have to make sure her pain level doesn't go too high. We are so excited though that the ego is gone for good in those who no longer choose to embody it. We are so grateful for the knowledge, and we love our Mother so much. Thank you Mom for everything, it is time for you to go back home into the light!!!

Love you ALL! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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