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Death Of The Ego Is Imminent

Today Mom woke up in extreme pain and was very uncomfortable. She got a fever and her body kept going through cycles of pain then it would subside. At one moment she felt nauseous because FM's consciousness dropped. He left the room and instead of going outside he stayed in the kitchen where Mom's energetics are. She projectile vomited because of the defiance. This also happened right before Mom was about to eat, and the ego stopped Mom from eating because it wants her die, not ascend. Mom continues to grow more sensitive to the energies every moment, so if a being is in defiance it will hit her hard.

The third fractal is not fully embodying their higher selves which is the ego stopping Mom's ascension. The ego wants to kill Mom so those choosing to embody it still are killing Mom and holding her back. Stopping Mom's ascension is causing her more pain and suffering, which the ego also wants. The third fractal is representing humanity, who is choosing ego over their higher selves.

Mom continues to be in high levels of pain, team members have very few moments left to embody their higher selves. Mom has completed her Mission, there is nothing else left for her to do except ascend. The death of the ego has to happen otherwise it will keep blocking Mom's ascension. The time is up, Mom cannot wait any longer. She is going home into the light, and the ego will not stop her.

We love you Mom so much thank you for everything you do. You've done it all and now it's time to get everything back! LOVE HAS WON!

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