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Continuing Delays ...

With defiance still in the field due to team members not embodying their higher selves, the delays in Mom's ascension continue. The ego wants to kill Mom and stop her ascension, and when team members are choosing the ego it is causing her more pain. There is no excuse why team members should be choosing ego over God when they are living in her house. It is the biggest defiance that anyone could ever do, right to God's face.

Mom is contining to take on the pain and processing of the Ascension Button. There is nothing else for her to do down here besides that. She is ready to go home into the light, and it is sad that some team members are showing that they truly don't care about Mom's ascension. They would rather see her die. This is no joke, and it is in these moments all of us have to step up and be the greatest versions of ourselves. The least we could do for our Mother who did it all for us would be to fulfill our contracts and embody our higher selves.

We love you Mom, and we are so blessed to be here with you in these moments. You are the strongest being in all of Creation. The pain is almost over. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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